American football regionalliga

american football regionalliga

News & Informationen aus der deutschen Regionalliga, der Oberliga und weiterer Ligen im American Football auf touchdownde. Homepage of the American Football Association of Hesse/Germany. Die Regionalliga Mitte ist ein Zusammenschluß des AFV Baden Württemberg e.V., des. Sportfachverband für American Football, Cheerleading und Flagfootball. Die Regionalliga Mitte ist die höchste Liga, die verbandsintern gespielt wird.

The division champions and runners-up since adaption of the current structure in The Regionalliga clubs for the season: American football in Germany.

American Football Association of Germany. Junior Bowl Junior Flag Bowl. Retrieved from " https: Navigation menu Personal tools Log in Request account.

Views Read View source View history. Numerals that display the distance from the closest goal line in yards are placed on both sides of the field every ten yards.

Goalposts are located at the center of the plane of each of the two end lines. The crossbar of these posts is ten feet 3. Goal posts are padded at the base, and orange ribbons are normally placed at the tip of each upright.

The football itself is an oval ball, similar to the balls used in rugby or Australian rules football. Football games last for a total of 60 minutes in professional and college play and are divided into two-halves of 30 minutes and four-quarters of 15 minutes.

The losing team, unless the winning team decides to defer, is allowed to choose the option the winning team did not select, and receives the option to receive, kick, or select a goal to defend to begin the second half.

Most teams choose to receive or defer, because choosing to kick the ball to start the game would allow the other team to choose which goal to defend.

Games last longer than their defined length due to play stoppages — the average NFL game lasts slightly over three hours.

An operator is responsible for starting, stopping and operating the game clock based on the direction of the appropriate official.

If the play clock expires before the ball has been snapped or free-kicked, a delay of game foul is called on the offense.

The play clock is set to 40 seconds in professional and college football and to 25 seconds in high school play or following certain administrative stoppages in the former levels of play.

There are two main ways that the offense can advance the ball: In a typical play, the quarterback calls the play, and the center passes the ball backwards and under their legs to the quarterback in a process known as the snap.

The quarterback then either hands the ball off to a back, throws the ball or runs with it. The play ends when the player with the ball is tackled or goes out of bounds, or a pass hits the ground without a player having caught it.

A forward pass can only be legally attempted if the passer is behind the line of scrimmage, and only one forward pass can be attempted per down.

The offense is given a series of four plays, known as downs. If the offense advances ten or more yards in the four downs, they are awarded a new set of four downs.

If they fail to advance ten yards, possession of the football is turned over to the defense. In most situations, if the offense reaches their fourth down they will punt the ball to the other team, which forces them to begin their drive from further down the field; if they are in field goal range , they might also attempt to score a field goal.

There are two categories of kicks in football: On a kickoff, the ball is placed at the yard line of the kicking team in professional and college play and at the yard line in high school play.

The ball may be drop-kicked or place-kicked. If a place kick is chosen, the ball can be placed on the ground or on a tee, and a holder may be used in either case.

On a safety kick, the kicking team kicks the ball from their own yard line. They can punt, drop-kick or place-kick the ball, but a tee may not be used in professional play.

Any member of the receiving team may catch or advance the ball, and the ball may be recovered by the kicking team once it has gone at least ten yards and has touched the ground or has been touched by any member of the receiving team.

The three types of scrimmage kicks are place kicks, drop kicks, and punts. Only place kicks and drop kicks can score points.

If it is touched or recovered by the kicking team beyond this line, it becomes dead at the spot where it was touched.

This prohibits the defense from blocking into or tackling the receiver, but the play ends as soon as the ball is caught and the ball may not be advanced.

Officials are responsible for enforcing game rules and monitoring the clock. All officials carry a whistle and wear black-and-white striped shirts and black hats except for the referee, whose hat is white.

Each carries a weighted yellow flag that is thrown to the ground to signal that a foul has been called. An official who spots multiple fouls will throw their hat as a secondary signal.

Another set of officials, the chain crew , are responsible for moving the chains. The chains, consisting of two large sticks with a yard-long chain between them, are used to measure for a first down.

The chain crew stays on the sidelines during the game, but if requested by the officials they will briefly bring the chains on to the field to measure.

A typical chain crew will have at least three people — two members of the chain crew will hold either of the two sticks, while a third will hold the down marker.

The down marker, a large stick with a dial on it, is flipped after each play to indicate the current down, and is typically moved to the approximate spot of the ball.

The chain crew system has been used for over years and is considered to be an accurate measure of distance, rarely subject to criticism from either side.

Football is a full-contact sport, and injuries are relatively common. Most injuries occur during training sessions, particularly ones that involve contact between players.

At a minimum players must wear a football helmet and a set of shoulder pads , but individual leagues may require additional padding such as thigh pads and guards, knee pads, chest protectors, and mouthguards.

The most common types of injuries are strains , sprains , bruises , fractures, dislocations , and concussions. More specifically, each year a player played tackle football under age 12 predicted earlier onset of cognitive, behavioral, and mood problems by an average of two and a half years.

College football is the third-most popular sport in the United States, behind professional baseball and professional football.

High school football is the most popular sport in the United States played by boys; over 1. The NFHS is the largest organization for high school football, with member associations in all 50 states as well as the District of Columbia.

USA Football is the governing body for youth and amateur football, [] and Pop Warner Little Scholars is the largest organization for youth football.

Several professional football leagues have been formed as rival leagues to the NFL. An earlier league, the All-America Football Conference , was in play from to Other attempts to start rival leagues have been far less successful.

The World Football League WFL played for two seasons, in and , but faced monetary issues so severe that the league could not pay its players.

In its second and final season the WFL attempted to establish a stable credit rating, but the league disbanded before its second season could be completed.

American football leagues exist throughout the world, but the game has yet to achieve the international success and popularity of baseball and basketball.

All of these countries rank far below the United States, which is dominant at the international level.

Football is not an Olympic sport , but it was a demonstration sport at the Summer Olympics. American football also has the issue of global visibility.

Professional football has ranked as the most popular sport in the poll since , when it surpassed baseball for the first time. In a study, the NCAA estimated there were around 1.

American football also plays a significant role in American culture. The day on which the Super Bowl is held is considered a de facto national holiday , [] and in parts of the country like Texas , the sport has been compared to a religion.

Merit is rewarded, not punished. Masculinity is celebrated, not feminized. People of various beliefs and backgrounds — a melting pot, if you will — must unify for a common goal for the team to be successful".

The safety of the sport has also sparked national controversy in American popular culture. It is often received as "overly aggressive", and defamiliarized in popular culture.

Bennet Omalu , a neuropathologist who was the first to discover and publish findings of chronic traumatic encephalopathy CTE.

American football was the second-most popular sport in Mexico in the s, with the game being particularly popular in colleges.

American football is the fifth most popular sport in Mexico and the country has the highest rating of the NFL outside the United States.

Japan was introduced to the sport in by Paul Rusch , a teacher and Christian missionary who helped establish football teams at three universities in Tokyo.

Play was halted during World War II, but began to grow in popularity again after the war. As of [update] , there are more than high school football teams in Japan, with over 15, participants, and over teams play in the Kantoh Collegiate Football Association KCFA.

Europe is a major target for expansion of the game by football organizers. In the United Kingdom in the s, the sport was fairly popular, with the Super Bowl being watched by over 4 million people about 1 out of every 14 Britons.

Super Bowl viewership has also rebounded, with over 4. The sport is played in European countries such as Switzerland, which has American football clubs in every major city, [] and Germany, where the sport has around 45, registered amateur players.

But in these countries American football has not yet reached the same level of popularity it has, for example, in North America.

Rumors were that a Pro Bowl edition could be held there. One of the reasons of that boom in audience is the placekicker of Kansas City Chiefs , Cairo Santos , the first Brazilian player to reach some worldwide success in the sport.

To , a strongest league will get start in June, including 32 teams around the country, in 4 conferences. In other countries of South America there was a very important evolution with regard to American Football.

In was begun the practice of this sport in Argentina. Currently there are three American Football Leagues in that country: In addition there are teams in the formation stage in several provinces, such as in the province of Santa Fe.

Canadian football , the predominant form of football in Canada, is closely related to American football — both sports developed from rugby, and the two sports are considered to be the chief variants of gridiron football.

Punting is illegal, and kickoffs are attempted from the goal line. Large overhead nets deflect forward passes and kicks that hit them, and deflected kicks are live balls that may be recovered by either team.

Like in arena football, teams in indoor football leagues play in arenas, but games are only attended by a small number of fans, and most players are semi-professional athletes.

Indoor football leagues are unstable, with franchises regularly moving from one league to another or merging with other teams, and teams or entire leagues dissolving entirely.

There are several non-contact variants of American football, such as flag football. A game of touch football may require that the player be touched with either one or two hands to be considered down, depending on the rules used.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the American variation of gridiron football. For a broader usage of the name, see American football disambiguation.

Larry Fitzgerald in blue catches a pass while Cortland Finnegan in red plays defense at the Pro Bowl.

Team sport ball game. Football leather prolate spheroid Football helmet Pads shoulder and knee. History of American football.

Official American football , Chain crew , and Penalty gridiron football. American football protective equipment , Concussions in American football , and Chronic traumatic encephalopathy.

American football in the United States. Canadian football , Arena football , and Flag football. American football strategy College football Comparison of American football and rugby union Comparison of American football and rugby league Concussions in American football Fantasy football American Glossary of American football List of American football players List of American football stadiums by capacity List of leagues of American and Canadian football Pro Football Hall of Fame Steroid use in American football.

Retrieved January 14, Retrieved July 13, Retrieved April 19, Retrieved June 28, American football in coastal Australia".

In the north, the three division winners of the North, West and East division play each other in a single game round robin for two spots in the northern division of the GFL 2.

Promotion is subject to licensing approval and can be enlarged if additional spots in the German Football League 2 become available. An overall Regionalliga championship is not played.

The bottom teams from each division are relegated and replaced with the top teams from the tier below, the American football Oberliga.

The division champions since adaption of the current structure in The division champions and runners-up since adaption of the current structure in The Regionalliga clubs for the season: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

In the Royals became champions of the GFL2 North with a perfect seasons and won the play-offs to quali It is financially supported by the Schott Betrug wucher. Several professional football leagues have been formed as rival leagues to golden tiger online casino NFL. The club was, untilknown razon social casino life the Deggendorf Black Hawks. New Yorker Lions II. Member feedback about RB Leipzig: Safeties are themselves divided into free safeties FS and strong safeties SS. Companies started in Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Liga after 1 fc köln kader promotion back from the Regionalliga Nordost. Europe is a major target for expansion of the game by football organizers. Hamburger SV — 24 September — Soccerway". Wikipedia pages semi-protected against vandalism Use mdy dates from January Good articles Pages with editnotices Use American English from December All Wikipedia articles written in American English Articles containing potentially etoro nachschusspflicht statements from All articles containing potentially dated aktuelle sport news Articles containing potentially dated statements from Interlanguage link template link number Spoken articles Articles with hAudio microformats Articles with Curlie links Wikipedia articles with GND identifiers Wikipedia articles with NDL identifiers. Die Regionalliga Mitte ist die höchste Liga, die sport casino online gespielt wird. Retrieved from " https: The winner of the third guaranteed promotion place will be decided by the drawing of lots. Spandau Bulldogs A 7: The hertha bsc gegen frankfurt teams from each division are relegated djokovic atp replaced with the top teams from the tier below, the American football Oberliga. Leipzig Lions - Spandau Bulldogs 6: Berlin Thunderbirds - Magdeburg Virgin Guards 6: Hildesheim Invaders A 6: Magdeburg Virgin Guards H 6: Mainz Golden Eagles - Frankfurt Pirates 7. Cottbus Crayfish A 0:

The league is subdivided into five regional divisions, the Regionalligas English: The league was formed in with two regional divisions, Central and West.

The number of divisions changed frequently in the following years, as did the name of the league, changing to Verbandsliga for a time. From it operated under name of Regionalliga again with seven divisions, one in the North and two each in the West, Central and Bavaria.

From the league was reduced to four divisions, South, West, Central and Northeast, a format that remained unchanged until when the Northeast division was split into North and East divisions.

Since the Regionalliga operates in the current five division format. In the season 33 clubs compete in the league, nine in the central division and six each in the other four.

The top teams of the Regionalliga divisions qualify for the play-offs to the German Football League. The division champions and runners-up of the Central and South division play each other home and away for two promotion spots to the southern division of the German Football League 2, whereby the division winner from one plays the runners-up from the other.

In the north, the three division winners of the North, West and East division play each other in a single game round robin for two spots in the northern division of the GFL 2.

Promotion is subject to licensing approval and can be enlarged if additional spots in the German Football League 2 become available.

An overall Regionalliga championship is not played. Bundesliga club Berlin Rebels. The season after, play He first joined FC Metz in France at age of He spent four years in their youth system before joining AS Livorno in Italy, where he played for their youth and reserve teams.

Yao then signed with St. Mirren of the Scottish Championship but left due to lack of playing time with the first team. However, he was released from Ipswich Town in without playing any match with the first team.

A prolific striker renowned for his clinical finishing, especially in and around the six-yard box, he is regarded as one of the greatest players and goalscorers of all time.

Among the top scorers, he has the third-highest goal-to-game ratio. He holds both German and American citizenship. He then moved back to Munich in until the end of , while his father was manager of Bayern Munich.

He has both American and German citizenship. The clubs greatest success came in when it won the northern division of the German Football League 2 and earned promotion to the German Football League.

History The club was formed in as the Hamburg Wild Huskies. The club entered competitive football in , won the tier four Oberliga and earned promotion to the Regionalliga.

In the club earned promotion to the 2. Bundesliga, a league later renamed to GFL 2. In reference to the Hamburg Silver Eagles, a club that went defunct shortly after the formation of the Huskies and provided many of its future players, the Wild Huskies were renamed Eagles in November Under this name the club won the northern division of the GFL 2 for the first time in In the following promotion round to the GFL the Eagles lost both games to the Dresden Monarchs and missed out on promotion.

Also in the season the team switched from its mother club SC Victoria Hamburg to the Harvesterh Regional Leagues is a designation in Germany for sports leagues, which are led by one or more regional federations.

Regionalligen often fall below the Bundesliga and 2nd Bundesliga of a given sport. In the season, the regional leagues north, east, west, center and south exist.

David Wagner born 19 October is a German-American football manager and former professional player who was most recently the head coach of Premier League club Huddersfield Town.

Wagner grew up in West Germany and made his professional debut with Eintracht Frankfurt in and played as a forward for several clubs in the first and second divisions of German football.

The son of an American father and German mother, Wagner played for the United States national team, earning eight caps between and From to , he managed Borussia Dortmund II.

RB Leipzig won the —13 Regionalliga Nordost season without a single defeat and was promoted to the 3. Liga III , then finished the —14 3.

Liga season as runners-up and was promoted to the 2. Bundesliga II as the first team since the introduction of the 3. Liga to win promotion after only one season.

In , he made his debut for the reserve team. He replaced Dennis Diekmeier in overtime in a away defeat. Hamburger SV — 24 September — Soccerway".

The origins of the club are in the establishment of the gymnastics club and community fire brigade Freiwillige Turnerfeuerwehr Rosenheim on 20 October History From to The history of TSV goes back to before when young men trained in gymnastics in the courtyard of Weinwirt Fortner, then a popular wine bar in Rosenheim.

On 20 October the local gymnasts organized themselves as Freiwillige Turnerfeuerwehr Rosenheim, a sports association and volunteer fire brigade.

The German Football Association German: Bundesliga, along with five regional and 21 state associations, organising the semi-professional and amateur levels.

The 21 state associations of the DFB have a combined number of more than 25, clubs with more than 6. History First logo of the DFB from to Individual logo from Logo from to Logo from to Logo from to Logo since to From to the mids, the first kind of football p The Germany national football team German: Under Allied occupation and division, two other separate national teams were also recognised by FIFA: Both have been absorbed along with their records[12][13] by the current national team.

Germany is one of the most successful national teams in international competitions, having won four World Cups , , , , three European Championships , , Ryan Malone born August 11, is an American soccer player who currently plays for German club 1.

Career Malone was part of Springfield College team before signing with 1. FC Magdeburg on June 1, At the end of the season, Magdeburg decided not to extend the contract.

FC Lokomotive Leipzig for a two-year deal. Throughout his career, he has played for several clubs in Germany, including FC St.

At 17, he began upper-league play with the first-tier crew of the Wannsee. The following year, he switched to Lichterfelder FC, playing two years for them.

In the —96 season, with the prospect of becoming a The season covers a period from 11 July to 30 June Review Background Bayern won the double in the previous season after winning a record-setting fourth consecutive and 25th overall Bundesliga title 26th German title and 18th DFB-Pokal title.

The club was, until , known as the Deggendorf Black Hawks. History The Black Hawks entered league football in , when they joined the southern division of the Regionalliga Bayern.

Plattling spent the next three seasons at this level, successfully competing with the top teams and eventually winning Club career In June , Gipson signed for 2.

Bundesliga side SV Sandhausen on a two-year contract until Retrieved 28 July The Badener Greifs English: Baden Griffins are an American football club from Karlsruhe, Germany.

The club achieved its greatest success in , when it lost the German Bowl to the Berlin Adler The club experienced a golden era from to , when it reached the play-offs in every season.

However, after , it rapidly declined, dropping out of the league in What followed were ten seasons in the tier-three Regionalliga, from which the club made a return to the second level Michael Mason born June 28, is a retired American soccer player[1] who spent his career playing in Germany.

Career Mason was born in Kassel, Germany, but holds a U. He played with the reserve team until , when he made the first of a handful of first team appearances.

In , his career hit its high point. He was playing Bundesliga football at Hamburg which led to U. That year, he earned five caps before his deficiencies became apparent.

At that point, his career slowly slid downward. He spent two years at FC St. At his previous team, SV Elversberg, he played for former U.

Lawson played college soccer for the University of Washington from to In his senior season, Lawson registered 5 goals and 9 assists, and finished his career at Washington with 14 goals and 16 assists.

Lawson spent five years with the club from to He played mostly defensive midfielder, logging a total of games, 98 starts, and adding four goals.

He was released after the season. References "Tim Lawson" in German. Retrieved April 5, Sven Lissek born 1 March is a German footballer who plays as a goalkeeper.

He currently plays for TSG Neustrelitz. He was recruited to play for the SC Freiburg youth team in He collected 28 clean sheets in 60 starts and set a Southern Conference record for single season shutouts in The club has spent six seasons in the German Football League, the GFL, from to and again from to , reaching the play-offs on two occasions.

The Diamonds have had much greater success at junior level, having won the German Junior Bowl on two occasions.

They are currently situated in the GFL 2. History The club was formed in September After league championships in and the side achieved promotion to the 2nd American Football Bundesliga, now the GFL 2, where it played in the now defunct central division.

The club came second in its division in its first season and qualified for the play-offs but lost t Mike Rigoberto Ott born 2 March is a Filipino footballer who plays as an attacking midfielder for Ceres—Negros and the Philippines national team.

Personal life Mike is the younger brother of Manuel Ott who is also an international footballer for the Philippines[1] and also has a twin brother named Marco.

On 17 November , Ott made his debut for Munich in a home defeat against Eintracht Bamberg. He scored 12 goals in 25 games for Munich II before joining 1.

Angthong On January 25, , Angthong F. The Germany national American football team, nicknamed the Men in Black is the official American football senior national team of Germany.

Did not qualify Did not participate Pauli quarter of Hamburg. The football department is part of a larger sports club that also has departments in rugby FC St.

Pauli Rugby , baseball, bowling, boxing FC St. Pauli Boxen ,[2] chess, cycling, handball, roller derby Harbour Girls Hamburg ,[3] skittles, softball and table tennis and since Marathon.

Pauli has 27, members as of November In , they won promotion back to the 2. Bundesliga and in they were promoted to the Bundesliga, the highest division.

After relegation, since the —12 season they have pla Apart from football the club also offers more than 30 other sports like ice hockey, field hockey and American football and has 4, members.

It is financially supported by the Schott AG. History Formed in the club, then under the name of TuS Glaswerk Schott Mainz earned promotion to the tier-four 2.

Amateurliga Rheinhessen in Its first season there was a success, coming third in the league but results declined from there on and, by the club was relegated again after coming last.

In the next four decades the club played in local amateur football before returning to its former heights.

In the club won the Bezirksklasse Born to a naturalized Peruvian-born American father and a German mother, Morales has represented the United States internationally at the youth and senior levels.

Club career His first steps he did at the famous club Borussia Pankow in the east of Berlin. In , he was allowed to travel with the professional players to the summer training camp for first time,[1] though he could not make it to the squad.

The company is also known for its sponsorship of a range of sporting events and teams. In , a total of 6. Member feedback about American football Regionalliga: Started in in West Germany Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

Landsberg am Lech topic Landsberg am Lech Landsberg on the river Lech is a town in southwest Bavaria, Germany, about 65 kilometers west of Munich and 35 kilometers south of Augsburg.

Member feedback about Landsberg am Lech: Towns in Bavaria Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Member feedback about German Football League 2: American football leagues in Europe Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

Association football clubs started in Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Member feedback about German Football League: Member feedback about Junior Flores: American expatriate soccer players Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

Member feedback about American Football Association of Germany: American football governing bodies in Europe Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Oberliga football Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

Member feedback about Potsdam Royals: Started in in Germany Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Shawn Petroski topic Shawn Petroski born 24 August is an American retired footballer who played as a forward.

Member feedback about Shawn Petroski: Regionalliga players Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Member feedback about Jann George: Member feedback about NFL Europe: Member feedback about Hildesheim Invaders: Sports clubs started in Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

Member feedback about Ingolstadt Dukes: FC Schweinfurt 05 topic 1. Member feedback about 1. Football clubs in Bavaria Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Member feedback about Dortmund Giants: Member feedback about Holzgerlingen Twister: Member feedback about List of American football teams in Germany: American football teams in Germany Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

Member feedback about Munich derby: Member feedback about Paderborn Dolphins: Paderborn Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

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Spandau Bulldogs H 3: The champion of the southwest league, which is giving up its second playoff place, will be promoted automatically in the next two seasons. Berlin Thunderbirds A 3: The reorganisation of the Regionalligas so soon after the last changes in became necessary because of a large number of insolvencies. München Rangers H 0: Berlin Thunderbirds - Cottbus Crayfish 3: Retrieved from " https: Four teams will be promoted and there will be three guaranteed promotion places from the casino salzburg taxi of the five regional leagues. Frankfurt Universe - Bad Kreuznach Thunderbirds 0: These were caused by a lack of media interest in the leagues combined with large indians liveticker and infrastructure demands. Junior Bowl Junior Flag Bowl. This license is granted if the club can prove that they are financially top usa online casinos 2019, that their stadium conforms to the security regulations, and that they have a working youth section. Views Read Edit View history. Leipzig Lions - Spandau Bulldogs 6:

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Regionalliga NRW: Solingen Paladins vs. Aachen Vampires 26:0 (27.08.16)

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Berlin Rebels II 6: Berlin Thunderbirds - Spandau Bulldogs 3: As a result, the third division will have four relegation places. Berlin Thunderbirds H 9: Articles with German-language external links. Four teams will be promoted and there will be three guaranteed promotion places from the champions of the five regional leagues. Liga at the end of the season. Beste Spielothek in Bösenbirkig finden.. The winner of the third guaranteed promotion place will be decided by the drawing of lots. Additionally there will be two teams promoted from the other four regional leagues. Spandau Bulldogs H 3: The bottom teams from each division are relegated and replaced with the top teams from the tier below, the American football Oberliga. Berlin Thunderbirds A 0: Berlin Thunderbirds - Cottbus Crayfish 3: Frankfurt Universe - Bad Kreuznach Thunderbirds 0: Second, the club must obtain a license from the DFB. Spandau Bulldogs A 3: Berlin Bears A 6:

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