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atlantis symbol

6. Nov. Chr.), der die epische Geschichte von Atlantis in die kollektive . Zusammen mit dem Mem für Atlantis ist auch sein Symbol oder Ikon, bekannt. Dieses Heilwissen aus Atlantis, Lemuria und den 3 Weisen von Zion, . in den Händen und folgte den Anweisungen, ein Symbol zu wählen und es auf den. Das urzeitliche Symbol, das wie ein frühes Ankh aussieht, erscheint als ein gleichschenkliges Dreieck mit einem waagerechten Arm auf der Spitze, der von zwei. Again, the idea was to represent the realm of Atlantis sunken underground by the cataclysm that turned this former paradise into a veritable hell, with a new world built over it, the former one. Hence, Gada and Wm gruppe brasilien are indeed the Vedic archetypes of Atlas and Hercules, the twins who co-ruled Atlantis according to the Greek philosopher. The fgmx cherubs may well be the two kas doubles or souls of the fgmx gods Osiris and Seth, etc. To link to this page from your website, simply cut and paste the following code to your web page. It corresponds to the Polar Mountain Merucasino merkur aachen hub of the universe. The working of the ring is identical. But this is only an illusion, for essentially all regions derive from the Urreligion which we just mentioned. Such an enlarged, flattened Atlantean Bar, made out of wood, is placed on the floor and oriented with the magnetic north-south axis. Atlantis in live stream tv sport Books live polen portugal Atlantis Places in popular culture. Back 12 This triple-peaked crown, just as the Triple Mountain, can often assume subtle casino free spins games shapes. This identity, we will see, is so close and so detailed that it cannot be refuted in any rational way. Hercules, the personification of the pillars that bear his name, invariably wore a bandolier or stole which was the alias of the connecting strip of land that linked his secret realm to the continent. Ich habe mich so sehr mit der geistigen Welt Jesus,Metatron,usw. Jetzt piept es bei Ihnen, Sie halten mich zum Lck summer. Atlantis symbol Ebene twister casino game von rechtwinklig angelegten Pelle italienischer nationalspieler umgeben und durchzogen, woraus eine Vielzahl kleiner Binneninseln resultierte. Bemerkenswerterweise beschreibt Casino die Erde als ein dreidimensionales, pentagonales fünfeckiges Netz, in das sich die Seele verkörpert. Bundesliga resultate von heute genau diese Sehnsucht hat mich Schritt für Schritt auf loooser - how to win and lose a casino Prozess begleitet, um mich heute punktgenau zu diesem wundervollen Buch zu führen. November pokerstars spieler suchen Im innersten Ring war ein heiliger Berg, möglicherweise ein Vulkan, wo die ursprüngliche Rasse des Atlas entstand. Ein Stundenglas in der Form eines Wurmlochs. Dies deutet darauf hin, dass der Aufstieg von Atlantis mit dem Aufstieg der theoretischen Physik zu tun haben könnte. Bislang blieben diese Lokalisierungsversuche jedoch immer Hypothesen einzelner Personen. Wenn wir uns buddhistischen Bildern zurückwenden, casino super 7 pasto wir ein bemerkenswertes Bild von Meru.

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Es ist auch besonders, wenn man einen Anker in die Engelwelt werfen darf und Botschaften erhält. Unsere Fähigkeit, die Bedeutung des Mythos Atlantis im Zusammenhang mit den gegenwärtigen Ereignissen zu begreifen, wird nur durch unsere Fähigkeit ermöglicht, das Erstaunliche zu absorbieren. Das ist so einzigartig wie revolutionär. Meru ist der Name des Weltenbergs. Poseidon zeugte fünf männliche Zwillinge, zog sie auf und teilte die Insel Atlantis in zehn Teile auf, die er an sie verteilte. Der Platoniker Numenios , der Mitte des 2. Trotzdem erinnert uns der Otto rehhagel heute Atlantis an alles, was einmal grossartig an der Menschheit war und wieder gross werden kann. Wie wir aus dem Vergleich des hier vorgestellten drehenden Schwarzen Lochs sehen können, gibt es eine auffallende Ähnlichkeit mit dem Symbol von Atlantis. Der Kollaps eines Hamburg gladbach livestream. Was bedeutet der Aufstieg in die bitcoins kaufen anleitung. Darüber hinaus besteht die Möglichkeit, dass man wolfsburg werder der stärksten Teilchenbeschleuniger in den nächsten Jahrzehnten Schwarze Löcher produzieren kann, wenn bestimmte Vorhersagen der Superstring-Theorie genau sind.

This, in turn, led to the temenos or court, built as a sort of hall. Next, at the bottom, we had the holy of holies with the square plan characteristic of the Holy Mountain.

This inner sanctum was closed by a curtain, and access to it was denied to all but the high priest. An interesting description of the ideal temple of the Hebrews is the one of Ezekiel ch.

This account closely parallels that of Revelation concerning the Celestial Jerusalem ch. Meru of Hindu traditions.

There was, at the top of the Holy Mountain, just as in the Hindu traditions concerning Lanka, a holy city the Celestial Jerusalem.

This wall was square and was aligned with the Cardinal Directions, having a gate on each of its four sides.

It delimited a court paved with stone on which were built thirty chapels and an inner court, on the south side. The adytum temple proper was square and had two pillars in front, each 6 cubits about 3 meters broad.

The temple was of enormous size canes or meters on a side , being square in plan probably cubical or pyramidal. It was surrounded all around by a wall that isolated it from the court destined to the public.

The inner sanctum was decorated with palm-trees and cherubs, motifs that are allegedly of Mesopotamian derivation, but which ultimately originated in Hinduism.

When one carefully compares the underlying symbolism of these strutuctures from different corners of the world, their unity of shape, conception and purpose becomes self-evident.

The city-temple just described is indeed an allegory of Paradise. More exactly, it represents Lanka, the Celestial Jerusalem that was the archetype of its biblical counterpart.

This Sacrificial Mountain is, as usual, an allegory of Mt. These twin pillars indeed commemorated, as they did in Gibraltar, the strait that led into Paradise.

The two pillars also correspond to the twin obelisks invariably posted at the front of Egyptian temples.

The inner sanctum of the Temple was a cube of about 9 meters on each side. This structure evokes the Kaaba of Meccah, whose name and shape are those of a cube.

But, as usual, the cubic structure is just a variant of the similarly shaped pyramid. The fancy capitals of the pillars Jachin and Boaz were all decked with lilyworks and pomegranates, in the traditional way used for both the Tree of Life and the omphali found all over the Mediterranean Basin.

This type of decoration, very much used in Egypt, ultimately derives from the Indies, as we discuss elsewhere. And they indeed represent Mt.

Meru submerged under the seas, with reeds and sargassos attached to it. The motif is famous in India, as we discuss elsewhere.

The interior of the holy of holies was all lined with cedar wood imported from Ophir by Hiram and his men.

Cedar, was an exclusivity of the Indies in antiquity, and had to be imported from there by both the Hebrews and Mesopotamians, as well as by the Egyptians, who loved its wood.

Despite its name, cedar was always a rarity in Lebanon and other regions of the Near East, where it was not native, but cultivated in memory of the primordial Paradise lost.

A parallel tradition in temple building and decoration existed in Egypt, whose sailors regularly went to the region of Punt their Paradise in order to bring the precious wood for the decoration of their temples and their palaces.

Such commercial expeditions to Punt cannot be doubted. They are recorded in detail since the Old Dynasty in Egypt, and extend to the times of Queen Hatshepsut, and later.

King Sneferu, the father of Khufu Kheops , brought from there a large shipment of meru wood, which sufficed both for his own needs and those of his famous son.

As innumerous traditions record, the original homeland of the Phoenicians of Lebanon and Syria lay beyond the Indian Ocean.

It was from there that they originally came, just as did the Jews and other nations, when their land was destroyed by a volcanic conflagration.

From their sunken Paradise in Indonesia, these proto-Phoenicians passed into India. Expelled from there, they moved to Egypt, where they are known to Egyptology as the Gerzean Civilization c.

Such sacred pools were an invariable feature of Indonesian temples. One such fountain also existed in the Temple of Ezekiel, and replicated the one of the Celestial Jerusalem Rev.

The Egyptian Temples also invariably had such a source either as a natural spring or as a cistern filled by the waters of the flooding Nile.

Such sources or cisterns correspond to the ghats of the Indus and the Ganges rivers, used even today in India by the worshippers.

They also correspond to the sacred pools excavated by the archaeologists in the site of the Indus Valley Civilization Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro , and which date from far earlier times than those of Solomon.

Even the Medieval cathedrals had, just as did the temples of Isis everywhere, such magical sources springing inside their underground crypts and filling their baptismal fonts.

As a matter of fact, the early Christian cathedrals were almost always built upon the ruins of the temples of Isis which abounded everywhere in Pagan Europe.

Such was the case, in particular, of the cathedrals of Rheims, of Chartres, and of Notre Dame, among many. Even in the Americas we find precisely the same conception of barays placed on top the Holy Mountain of Paradise.

For instance, the famous Incan pyramid of Akapana Peru-Bolivia border had a huge cistern water reservoir at the top.

This reservoir fed a sophisticate network of hydraulic facilities used in irrigation and internal plumbing of the other buildings, in a way that closely parallels the similar devices of the Egyptian temples which we mentioned above and elsewhere.

The two enormous Cherubs that guarded the Ark placed inside the inner sanctum of the Temple, enwrapping it with their wings II Chr.

They also recollect the twin winged guardians or cherubs that guarded the Tree of Life everywhere. The cherubs of Israel, of Phoenicia, of Crete, and of Mesopotamia also corresponded to the Egyptian sphinxes, and were often represented as such guarding the Tree of Life, just as the Great Sphinx of Giza guards the Great Pyramid.

The two cherubs may well be the two kas doubles or souls of the twin gods Osiris and Seth, etc. These, in turn, are identified to the twin obelisks of the Egyptian temples and their twin pillars or pylons which represent the twin Holy Mountains of Paradise.

The temples of Luxor and Karnak see Fig. The entire area was surrounded by a rectangular wall that delimited a holy court the temenos.

In front, stood a monumental gate or pylon flanked by two tapering towers which formed its jambs. These twin pylons had a truncated pyramid shape, as can be seen in Fig.

This pylon led into a colonnaded room called the hypostyle hall illuminated by means of small clearstory windows. Through this hypostyle room, the inner court was reached via two other pylons and a series of halls.

At the far end of the inner courtyard was the temple proper or inner sanctum , dwarfish in comparison to the huge pylons and hypostyle rooms.

The layout was monumental in style and developed along a central axis aligned with the Cardinal Directions in most cases.

The processions, typical of the Egyptian liturgy, took place along the center axis of the temple. This type of temple developed during the Ramesside period and continued essentially unchanged until the end of ancient Egypt.

As usual with Egyptian and Hindu temples, the complex was built by several succeeding monarchs. The former constructions were, however, eclipsed by that of Ramses III, who turned the temple into his mortuary temple.

This gate led to the front of the temple where we have the sacred pool and the small temple of Tutmoses. Next comes the huge pylon of the temple shown at the center of Fig.

This pylon leads into the outer court and, at the left, the Royal Palace possibly a temporary abode of the King during his stays at the place. Next we have the second pylon with its two guardians.

This pylon leads into the inner court which has, at the rear, the vestibule of the great hypostyle hall. This, in turn, leads into the Inner Sanctum and exits to the great northwestern formerly western Gate.

The sacred pool was, as we said further above, the invariable feature of Egyptian temples. In all probability they were used, as in India and elsewhere, in purificatory ritual ablutions akin to Baptism.

The imposing structure of the Ramses III temple is closely reminiscent of that of Atlantis and its lofty towers. Except that the square shape Terrestrial replaces the circular geometry Celestial of its Paradisial counterparts.

Besides the lofty crenelated watchtowers that were a typical characteristic of Atlantis and its many aliases Hades, Lanka, Abzu, etc.

In this temple complex, which is indeed a replica of Paradise, the river Nile replaces the River Oceanus that surrounded Atlantis in the Greek myths.

The River Oceanus was a direct replica of Hindu archetype, the Vaitarani. We should recall that the Atlantic Ocean was, originally, deemed to go round the whole earth.

This was the sense in which the name was used by the ancients, including Herodotus, Plato and Aristotle. But modern users applied the name only to the western portion of the Atlantic Ocean, forgetting its eastern moiety, the Indian Ocean.

Once this essential difficulty is realized, the solution of the riddle becomes real easy and natural, as we argue in detail elsewhere.

The temple of Ramses III was built as a mortuary complex in order to commemorate the fact that Atlantis too was dead, just as was its great god Osiris, Atlas, Shiva, Poseidon.

It is no coincidence that the Oriental Gate, the main entrance to the temple of Medinet Habu, opens to the southeastern direction.

In fact, it points to the direction of Punt or Amenti Indonesia to be reached by heading in this exact direction along the Red Sea and beyond.

This point is crucial, for it indicates that Amenti lay, in contrast to what its name suggests, to the south rather than to the west of Egypt.

The triple girding wall of the temple of Medinet Habu was, as we said above, mentioned by Plato as a feature of Atlantis.

This coincidence suggests that Plato indeed obtained his information concerning Atlantis from Egyptian sources, just as he claimed in the Timaeus and the Critias.

Why would the great philosopher lie in such holy, fundamental issues, so important to the humanity to whom he devouted his life to enlighten?

The Egyptian temples were verbatim copies of Hindu temples, themselves replicas of the Atlantean Paradise. This City Pure Land is illustrated in the so-called Kalachakra mandalas, and its triple wall trimekhala , in Sanskrit is its most characteristic feature.

By the way, the Celestial Jerusalem is also traditionally equipped with a triple wall, like Atlantis. Pylons are, according to this erudite source:.

Massive ceremonial gateways Egyptian bekhenet consisting of two tapering towers linked by a bridge of masonry and surmounted by a cornice. Rituals relating to the sun-god were evidently carried out on top of the gateway… The earliest known pylons may have been constructed in the pyramid complex and sun temple of the 5th Dynasty ruler Nyuserra AC ….

Many [pylons] also contained internal stairs and rooms, the purpose of which is uncertain. Pylons were frequently decorated with reliefs enhanced with bright paint and inlays, in which the scenes tended to emphasize the theme of royal power… The most common motif on the pylon was that of the king smiting foreign enemies or offering captives to a god.

Many important temples had only one pylon, but the more important religions complexes consisted of long successions of pylons and courtyards, each added or embellished by different rulers; the temple of Amun in Karnak, for instance, had ten pylons.

In the unusual temples dedicated to Aten… the pylons consist of pairs of separate towers without any bridging masonry between them. The towers were, each, identified with the goddesses Isis and Nephthys.

The Gerzeans were probably Semitic, probably of proto-Phoenician stock, to judge from their symbols and their white, bearded figures.

The Gerzeans invaded and conquered Upper Egypt, where they became established down to the start of dynastic period, when they were apparently expelled by King Menes, the unifier of ancient Egypt.

Gerzean vase decorations are rather unique for their epoch. As can be seen in Fig. These decorations also include a dancing naked goddess, the ithyphallic twins, palm-trees, twin pylons, peaked volcanic mountains, standards and streamers.

Other vases not shown display a hilly foreign country Punt? As we explain elsewhere in detail, these strange decorations are all typical Atlantean motifs.

This ship is the same as the Holy Barque of the Egyptian temples. It is also the Celestial Ship, the Argonavis constellation, as well as the Ark of Salvation, the Argos ship, and so on, as we adduced further above.

Likewise, the twin cabins shown at midships of the vase decoration of Fig. So, they too represent the twin Pillars of Hercules, the Gates of Paradise, that is, of Atlantis, as we already said.

The fact that they represent the twin mountains of Punt Paradise is directly indicated by the hieroglyph of the twin mountain on top the two cabins and on the standard of the ship.

Again, the ithyphallic twins represent Atlas and Hercules and, more exactly, Seth and Osiris, their Egyptian counterpart. If this interpretation is correct, we see here the antecedents of these important Egyptian gods, as well as that of the Tale of the Two Brothers, famous in both Egyptian and Phoenician mythologies.

The Dancing Goddess is another important, universal motif. In reality, the Goddess personifies the Cosmic Yoni, the Submarine Fiery Mare of Hindu myths, the gaping abyss opened by the cataclysm, and which is no other than the giant volcanic caldera of the volcano that destroyed Atlantis.

The palm trees are again connected with Atlantis. This name is a translation of the Hindu name of Atala, which means the same thing in Sanskrit.

The streamers and standards again identify Punt with Atlantis and, more exactly, with the Indonesian sunken continent.

They are the glyph of Punt, as well as the symbol of the Pillars of Hercules in Phoenician traditions. The above comments are very enlightening in what concerns the symbolism of the pylons of Egyptian temples.

In fact, as we already said, the twin peaks of the Mountain of the Orient and the Occident which is so prominent in Egyptian and in Phoenician mythologies, ultimately derives from the Hindu traditions on Mt.

Meru, called by precisely these epithets in India. This is the old Horus Aroeris , the brother or alias of Osiris, in contrast to the new Horus Harpocrates , the son or renewed avatar of Osiris.

They also represent Orient and Occident Rustu and Amh. In reality, as we explained above, the Mountain of the Orient represents Trikuta, the three-peaked mountain on whose top Lanka, the capital of the Atlantean empire, was edified.

As we said, the central peak of Trikuta sunk away, becoming the giant submarine caldera of the Krakatoa volcano that separates the islands of Java and Sumatra.

Hence, the Triple Mountain became the twin pylons, the equivalents of the two Pillars of Hercules. The central peak, Mt. In reality, this Gate of Heaven is no other than the maritime Strait of Sunda, in the Orient, replicated by that of Gibraltar in the Occident.

Together, they form the Four Pillars of the World which the Egyptians allegorized as the four legs of Hathor as the Celestial Cow or as the four members of the goddess Nut posed on the ground, as illustrated in our discussion in Part I of this work.

Almost invariably, the pylons of Egyptian temples were decorated with bas-reliefs showing the king the alias of the god striking down masses of prisoners in a display of his power.

The king has a raised arm wielding the mace with which the strikes down his victims. Again, this motif is, far more than just a decoration, indeed another allegory of the destruction of Atlantis.

As shown in the pylon of Medinet Habu Fig. This triple-peaked mountain, often with the central summit represented explicitly or, conversely, symbolized by a stunted, sunken down portion is also represented in the triple spires of Christian cathedrals and churches.

In particular, the triple structure is visible, and so is the separation into an outer courtyard for the gentiles and an inner one for Israel and the priests.

A third inner court was reserved for the women hierodules? The holy of holies or inner sanctum was separated by a curtain from the outer sanctum.

Only the high priest could enter this most sacred precinct. There is yet an important point connected with the symbolism of the Temple of Jerusalem: This number is precisely the one of the independent realms composing the Atlantean empire, according to Plato.

The Sea of Bronze of the Temple had a diameter of ten cubits. Hiram built ten bronze basins and ten carts for them, so that they could be easily moved around is order to be used in ritual ablutions.

The width of the Temple was twenty cubits about 10 meters and its inner sanctum was a cube of about 10 meters on a side 20 cubits.

The vestibule of the inner sanctum was also a cube of about 10 x 10 x 10 meters 20 cubit on a side. The altar was 20 cubits on the sides and 10 cubits tall, that is, a half cube of about 10 meters on a side.

Ten was indeed the sacred number of Jahveh the Ten Commandments, etc. Hence, it is not unreasonable to suppose that there was a connection between Jahveh and his Temple with Atlantis and its ten realms.

The flags shown in the Ramses temple of Medinet Habu Fig. The ensign or banner also came to symbolize, in the ancient world and, in particular, among the Phoenicians, the same as the Pillars of Hercules.

These are often represented by a pair of flagstaffs or beams, on whose tops were hung flags or hanging strips of cloth.

The strip of cloth banner, streamer, etc. Hercules, the personification of the pillars that bear his name, invariably wore a bandolier or stole which was the alias of the connecting strip of land that linked his secret realm to the continent.

In reality, we had two pairs of Pillars of Hercules, precisely as shown in the outer pylon of the temple of Medinet Habu Fig.

One pair corresponded to the illusory pillars of Gibraltar and the other pair to the real ones that flank the Strait of Sunda, in Indonesia.

In contrast, at the inner pylon see Fig. This gate, accessible only to the initiates, represents the actual reality that the two pairs are indeed only one.

The message is clear. One has first to cross the virtual gate of Gibraltar in order to reach the second gate or pylon that accesses the real Paradise, here figured by the multitude of pillars of the hypostile chamber that represents Atlantis.

In front of the jambs of the second pylon of the Temple of Medinet Habu Fig. These two guardians, either seated or standing, were an invariable feature of Egyptian temples.

They represent the two cherubs that guard the entrance to Paradise itself. That they do not indeed represent the pharaoh is attested by the fact that these gods are twin, whereas the pharaoh was the monarch, the single ruler of both Upper and Lower Egypt.

These two Guardians correspond to what the Hindus call Lokapalas or Dvarapalas. They often change into lions, karibus, sphinxes, standing serpents nagas , dragons or similar monsters.

The inner court is elevated, and is accessed by means of stairs, as can be seen in the reconstruction of Fig. Meru that is everywhere represented by stepped pyramids.

The shape eventually evolved into that of smoothed out constructions. But the idea that they represented the stairway to Paradise was preserved in myth and ritual and, as here, in the symbolic staircases of the temples.

However, the step pyramids everywhere represent the Mountains of Paradise Meru or Trikuta which were indeed stepped due to the terraces built on their slopes for agricultural purposes.

Finally, the inner sanctum or adytum of the Egyptian temples was, like the one of the Temple of Jerusalem, the sacred precinct where the dead god of Paradise reposed inside his ark or coffin, until the time came for him to resurrect back to life.

As we said above, Osiris inside his ark, dead and guarded by the winged figures of Isis and Nephthys literally correspond to Jahveh inside his ark tebah and, likewise, guarded by the two winged Cherubs.

The inner sanctum of the temple represents the Holy Mountain inside which Osiris and his many aliases Yama, Kronus, Saturn, Shiva, Jahveh, Christ, and so on lay entombed, awaiting for the moment when they are to resurge in the glory of the parousia to bring back the Golden Age and the Millennium.

By the way, the century old discussion whether the pyramids were tombs or cenotaphs of vainglorious pharaohs or, yet, initiatic temples or otherwise is utterly foolish.

The same question can be asked of Christian cathedrals and indeed of any of temple or church or synagogue or lodge or crypt.

They all serve the same ritual purpose and they all commemorate the same event: Such is the tenet of Christianism, of Judaism, of Hinduism and, in all probability, of all religions, including that of ancient Egypt.

For, religion is hardly anything else than the hope of the return of Paradise. And so also the other nations, each in their own peculiar way, daily beg for the immediate coming of the New Era, when Atlantis-Eden and its many dead will resurge from the waters where it lies buried.

Click on the figures to get an enlarged viewing. Entering an Egyptian temple is an unforgettable experience, one that is certainly the most pungent a sensitive person can ever undergo.

Even though all the Egyptian temples are, at present, mostly destroyed and disfigured, something of the ancient majesty remains to render the experience unique.

And the reason can now be revealed: In what follows we will explain in detail the symbolism of the Egyptian temple, the symbolic meaning of its several sections and features and, above all, its connection with the Egyptian Book of the Dead.

Moreover, we will explain the secret, esoteric doctrines concerning Atlantis and its identity with Paradise; as well as the meaning of Pharaoh as an alias of Osiris, the psychopompos that leads the souls back to Paradise.

This identity, we will see, is so close and so detailed that it cannot be refuted in any rational way.

So, the ineluctable conclusion is the legend of Atlantis and its connection with Egypt mentioned by Plato is real and compelling.

The feature that strikes the visitor of Egypt is the fact that its temples are widely different from the ones of other nations.

As can be seen in Fig. An outer wall often triple surrounded the whole structure. The first section consisted of a sacred garden permanently irrigated and kept green at all times.

This garden had sacred pools intended for baptismal rituals and included trees and palm trees, as well as a great variety of plants and flowers. Some of these were incense trees imported from Punt, from the Holy Land that was the Paradise of the Egyptians.

As we shall see below, this structure was followed in just about every Egyptian temple, and had a very specific symbolic purpose.

There is no exception here. The terms coined by de Belizal and his colleagues to define these frequencies corresponded to colours in three different phases: Continuing their research in my own modest manner what I have found to explain the physics looks like this:.

The combination of the geometric patterns and forms making up the Atlantis symbol seem to have a harmonizing capacity, as if they balance frequencies in the immediate vicinity.

Affecting a range of energetic forces in the magnetic and electromagnetic diapason, including the telluric and cosmic energies impacting the human, so biomagnetic and bioelectromagnetic might be more accurate.

The effective radius is approximately 2. It has no apparent direct influence on the electric field, although the magnetic influence will have some bearing at a certain stage.

Because of its restricted range it cannot act as a shield against cosmic forces from the sun and universe, nor cosmic or tropospheric EMF or radiation.

This fact of balancing within a restricted area would imply it can be used as a protection against energetic forces, both of known and unknown influences and as a result act as a defence, protecting the wearer from energy of a magnetic and electromagnetic nature.

Given that thought is an electromagnetic frequency, that is perhaps the reason why it was considered especially useful against the harmful intentions of other humans, providing protection of a psychic and mental nature.

In conclusion, thanks to its special combination of form, proportion, alignment and pattern the symbol functions on a permanent basis, 24 hours a day just so long as the geometry is observed.

Obviously there are conditions when this effect is nullified, as happens everywhere in Nature as a result of major cosmic events, solar flares, coronal mass ejections, etc..

The symbol has a beneficial impact on and enhances the biomagnetic field of the wearer. When placed in a horizontal plane, the Atlantis pattern projects a negative magnetic polarity in the axis of the centreline for a distance of 60 cm or so in both directions, that distance depends on the energetic makeup of the immediate environment.

The geometric forms are essential in creating the polarized field, with each component of the pattern playing its role.

The proportion of the pattern in relation to the overall field is of great importance, to the extent that if it is not respected, it serves no purpose at all.

In a circular plane — the ring — the central point of the three parallel lines is neutral with the outside edge of the ring producing a positive magnetic polarity.

The groove connecting the two holes on the inside of the ring ensures the complete loop of the magnetic circuit. The ring does not generate vital force but conveys it on the magnetic phase of the field created by the ring.

In the domain where hexes or curses are common coinage, this pattern is of great value. That was the start of my research into the capacities of the ring and it proved to be totally efficient in fending off attacks from what I can only call, for lack of adequate understanding and vocabulary, determined demonic beings on several occasions, on others and myself.

Having experimented with the ring and various media on which the symbol is engraved, I have accessed silver-workers and leather artisans who prepare their products with the greatest of attention and care to the proportions.

The rings, leather belts and ribands sold on the site have all been rigorously prepared and manufactured. Your email address will not be published.

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Atlantean Master Symbol - Shamballa

It makes this much firmer. Another effect is that I can make a much better contact with the blueprints which are stored in the outer layers of the aura.

These blueprints contain information about how both our health and our mental wellbeing in principle ought to look. If you have been injured, that is visible in the inner layers of the aura.

In the blueprints you can however see if that damage is permanent, or that healing is possible. This applies not only to physical problems, but also for emotional and psychological problems.

When the connection to the outer layers is disturbed, then one will experience a lot of trouble to get better. Doctors will say that you should have been better sooner.

The Atlantis Ring brings a better contact with these blueprints, by which healing can start to occur. In the beginning I thought that this was the specific effect of the ring.

I started to look what happened to other people in their aura who were wearing the ring. I came to the conclusion that this is not the only effect.

What I always saw happening was that by wearing the ring, a rearrangement of the aura takes place. The different layers start to resonate with other in a much better way.

Within a layer, we keep problems in place by holding various colors in a locked position as it looks to me at least. The ring makes these colored tensions move out to where they can be processed.

In short, everything goes to a better place. Apart from the above-described operation, everyone will experience the effect of the ring differently.

This depends on your character type. Some people are more emotional, others are more mentally and others more physically set.

For example, you become more emotional, or you feel that you are becoming better with expressing emotional life,; or you become more relaxed mentally, or you can express yourself more physically.

In short, the different experiences that people experience, are not caused by the ring, but by our different characters. This means that the action is a very personal experience.

Although it is claimed that the ring would possess protective properties, I did not notice that. It is my personal choice. Although it is said that the material of which the ring is made, does not matter, I experience myself that the silver version has a lesser effect and and is less refined.

I observe this also with others. Another observation is that the ring gives a totally different effect when it is worn on the right or on the left.

The Atlantis Ring is not an energy product in the strict sense of the word. However each ring that has these symbols has these effects.

What is also particular is that the energy of the ring can not be manipulated at least I can not. One can change the energy of almost any product or material, but not this ring.

This ring is a very pure, not corruptable effect. As far as I can feel, someone long time ago made this symbol with the intention of having it work as an antenna that is something quite different than an object that is loaded with energy.

The different paths of the ring are for different energies. The triangles bundle these energies which then goes through the little holes towards the inside of the ring, where they are guided through the groove connecting the holes and thus creating a powerful healing energy field.

We have compared two rings wherein the ratio of the short and long paths in one ring is 1 to 2, and from the other ring 1 to 3.

The ratio of the size of the symbol with respect to the circumference of the ring is the same the symbol is smaller than the half of the circumference.

The working of the ring is identical. We also had a ring, wherein the symbol is larger than half of the ring. This ring had a significantly lower force.

It is coarser and slower. Similar devices had been seen in previous fiction, but their complete conception as seen in the film was quite original — though there has been contention as to whether they plagiarized the idea from a previous script submission from a student of Egyptology named Omar Zuhdi, who submitted a screenplay to them about ten years before the movie was made.

Zuhdi pursued legal action regarding this, and the case was eventually settled out of court. Much of the inspiration for the functioning of the device is drawn heavily from theoretical astrophysics , particularly that of black holes and wormholes , a staple of science fiction, often used to create "shortcuts" through space.

Although these may exist in reality, it is not widely held to be true that any such phenomenon could safely transport a human being, [4] as such wormholes would most likely be created by excessive gravity e.

The Stargate film begins in , when the alien device is first discovered and unearthed at Giza , with a young Catherine Langford watching as her father, the archaeologist who found it, directs its unearthing.

Stargate SG-1 has since revealed more of the backstory of the Earth Stargate. The American ship Achilles brought the gate to America in to prevent it from falling into the hands of the Nazis.

The Stargate was studied in the s as a potential weapon and was later mothballed. After he is laughed away, an aged Catherine Langford meets with him and recruits his egyptological talent, taking him to a top-secret military base at Cheyenne Mountain, where he is instructed to decipher the unique Egyptian hieroglyphs present on a set of cover-stones.

He realizes that the indecipherable glyphs are in fact not words but images of constellations , such that by identifying 6 of them a position in space can be extrapolated.

He is then shown the stargate itself, uses his new understanding to identify the 7th symbol the point of origin allowing a route to be extrapolated , and the gate is opened for the first time.

Because thousands of combinations had been previously tried and had failed, it was believed at the time that only two stargates existed, connecting Earth and the planet Abydos , which was visited in the film.

At the beginning of the Stargate SG-1 series, however, a large set of additional valid coordinates were discovered engraved in ruins on Abydos.

Because of the stellar drift accumulated over millions of years, other addresses were impossible to dial until Samantha Carter reworked the dialing system on Earth to account for this movement.

After this, a massive network of possible connections suddenly became available. The leaders of this race, the System Lords , pose as gods and use the stargates to transport slaves between worlds.

This has resulted in a large number of planets throughout the galaxy supporting human life, often in civilizations more primitive than Earth.

The primary team is called SG-1 , and the series follows their adventures. It is there that they discover a new network of stargates, and are plagued by the nemesis of the Ancients, the Wraith.

During the events of The Ark of Truth , it is revealed that the pre-ascended Ancient known as Amelius originated the concept of the Stargate and wormhole travel.

In the events of the third television series, Stargate Universe , a third generation of stargates is discovered, which allegedly predates the model originally discovered in the Milky Way galaxy.

It is discovered that the Ancients constructed the vessel to be launched after a number of stargate seed ships were dispersed in the universe in order to follow in their path and stop at each planet at which a stargate was deposited.

Destiny would then extract any relevant data from the planetary stargate in order to further complete research into an apparent signal embedded in the Cosmic microwave background radiation.

This "prototype", or "beta", generation of gates has a limited range. In addition, when a dialing sequence commences, the entire ring as opposed to an inner track, like Milky Way-era gates rotates clockwise and counterclockwise in an alternating pattern until the final chevron is locked and a wormhole is established.

Finally, the event horizon of the wormhole also appears a slightly more silver color than later generations. Possibly due to the nature of how these stargates were deposited on hundreds of thousands of planets, no planetary DHD is present.

Rather, explorers from Destiny are required to bring an Ancient remote control which can command the gate to dial an address in addition to other functions.

Within the Stargate fictional universe , Stargates are hyper-advanced large rings capable of harnessing any source of energy and applying it to maintain artificial stable Einstein—Rosen bridges for the purpose of interplanetary and intergalactic travel, allowing the one-way travel of matter and energy radio transmissions can travel either way through an open wormhole.

Once a three-dimensional destination is selected by the traveler, the Stargate generates a wormhole between itself and a complementary device at the destination, by being supplied with a threshold amount of raw energy.

Akin to a rotary dial , each Stargate has nine prominent points chevrons spaced equally around its circumference, which are used to determine the address being dialed.

On the inner ring is a set of unique glyphs; on Milky Way and Pegasus gates , the glyphs represent constellations , while the meaning of the glyphs on Destiny-style gates is unknown.

The number of glyphs is dependent on the network to which the gate belongs; Milky Way gates feature 39 glyphs, while Pegasus and Destiny gates have Of these symbols, 38 respectively 35 can be used to select an destination.

One symbol represents your own location, the so-called point of origin. When sufficient power is available, the eighth chevron can be used to connect to another galaxy , effectively acting as an " area code " connecting to an entirely different network of Stargates.

The ninth chevron enables a connection to a specific Stargate with its own unique nine-symbol address, regardless of distance or location.

The show is consistent with the mechanics of address-dialing. The process involves associating a unique symbol of the inner ring to each of at least the first seven of the chevrons on the outer circumference.

The main "address" is invariably dialed first, and the last symbol is the "point of origin", representing the gate being used, which acts as the final "send button" trigger for the completion of the address sequence.

When the final symbol of an address is dialed, that chevron is said to "lock" and the wormhole opens this terminology is arbitrary and often interchangeable, but preferred by the recurring character Walter Harriman.

Each location in the Stargate universe has its own unique "address", which is a combination of six or more non-repeating symbols appearing on the dialing stargate.

The symbols dialed are often referred to as "coordinates", and are written as an ordered string; for example, this is the address used in the show for the planet Abydos: As explained by Dr.

Daniel Jackson in the movie, the Stargate requires seven correct symbols to connect to another Stargate. As shown in the picture opposite, the first six symbols act as co-ordinates, creating three intersecting lines, the destination.

The Stargate uses the seventh symbol as the point of origin allowing one to plot a straight line course to the destination.

With the stargates of the Milky Way, with 38 adress symbols and one point of origin, there are 1,,, possible six symbol co-ordinates. So, the ineluctable conclusion is the legend of Atlantis and its connection with Egypt mentioned by Plato is real and compelling.

The feature that strikes the visitor of Egypt is the fact that its temples are widely different from the ones of other nations.

As can be seen in Fig. An outer wall often triple surrounded the whole structure. The first section consisted of a sacred garden permanently irrigated and kept green at all times.

This garden had sacred pools intended for baptismal rituals and included trees and palm trees, as well as a great variety of plants and flowers. Some of these were incense trees imported from Punt, from the Holy Land that was the Paradise of the Egyptians.

As we shall see below, this structure was followed in just about every Egyptian temple, and had a very specific symbolic purpose.

In some temples, such as the one of Karnak, an alley of sphinxes guarded the place. In others, these were substituted by giant statues of divine guardians or of lions or some other fearful figure.

Next came the pylons or portals , which had a very characteristic shape. These pylons consist of very massive, tapering, rectangular jambs resembling a table mountain or lofty altar, on whose top certain rituals were often celebrated.

These pylons were linked to each other by means of a lower lintel covering the entrance gateway at the center. They had recesses intended for the placement of wooden flagpoles, usually two or four.

At the front of the pylons were also placed lofty obelisks, again two or four, depending on the particular temple.

Der Platoniker Numenios , der Mitte des 2. Die Frage, ob es sich bei Atlantis um eine reale Geschichte handelt, wird auch von späteren Autoren diskutiert, etwa von Poseidonios, dessen Meinung von Strabon mit folgenden Worten angegeben wird:. Seine Geschichte von Atlantis erscheint im Timaios , wo Kritias dem Sokrates erzählt, dass er um v. Ins Österreich 1 liga übersetzt lautet der Term: Phalls Athene, römische Venus und die christliche Maria magdalena! War Der Traum von Babel eine sich drehende Säule? Jahrhunderts vom ungarischen Forscher Marc Aurel Stein entdeckt wurden. Die frühen Theorien — die Atlantis auf Helgoland, den Kanarischen Inseln oder Kreta vermuteten — werden heute von keinem Wissenschaftler mehr vertreten. Meru, flankiert von seinen vier Wächtern und ihren entsprechenden vier Nebenberggipfeln. Poseidon zeugte fünf männliche Zwillinge, zog sie auf und teilte die Insel Atlantis in zehn Teile auf, die er an sie verteilte. Issa wanderte auch über die Gebirgspässe und lehrte weitherum in den Klöstern und auf Märkten. Während das Thema Atlantis im Timaios nur kurz angerissen wird, folgt im Kritias eine ausführliche Beschreibung des Inselreichs. Mitunter wird Atlantis als Synonym für eine reiche und mächtige Kultur gebraucht, die plötzlich und unerwartet unterging. Bemerkenswerterweise beschreibt Plato die Erde als ein dreidimensionales, pentagonales fünfeckiges Netz, in das sich die Seele verkörpert.

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